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Above you will find a directory for palm tree dealers around the world. We have filtered palm tree sellers and palm tree vendors in heavily populated areas to help with your palm tree search. Some might claim that these palm tree suppliers distribute the finest palm trees any palm tree buyer can expect to find in the palm tree market. Please check back soon for palm tree updates.

Whether you need help on where to start or you are an experienced palm tree purchaser, it’s always a challenge to find the best palm tree deals. Of course, some palm tree bargains are better than others as prices fluctuate from time to time. Depending on the different types of palm trees, palm trees have become increasingly popular and may be out of stock. (Tips) For these popular palm tree stores and sites, it is recommended that you still inquire about their availability as most palm tree sites take time to update their inventory. Also, you should be aware that some locations’ governments impose restrictions and taxes for palm trees.

If you want more information or advice on specific deals, contact a palm tree wholesaler near you (see above palm tree directory.) Not all palm tree wholesalers supply online support, as they may only be palm tree exporters. You may notice that some sites have palm tree facts and or palm tree tutorials that vary. Typically, this may be due to user generated content; be sure to differentiate between the business’s content versus their customers’ feedback.

Some palm tree brokers may be listed above and can provide cheaper prices on palm trees. However, they are unlikely to be centering on the palm tree distribution side. Some palm tree distributors may have already posted answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding palm trees. Typically, they are ordered from highest to lowest.

All About Us:

We are a private organization that is neither affiliated nor associated with any of our listing’s merchants above; such are palm tree traders in their own capacity. This site merely acts as a helpful catalog of the businesses in the palm tree industry. This is a self-service automated system designed to facilitate users in sharing their business and palm tree information to the online community. It is our opinion that we incidentally provide the fastest and most affordable way to promote or advertise palm tree businesses. Like our visitors, we consider this site palm tree newsworthy and a great way for consumers to locate local palm tree businesses. In our most excellent palm trees global directory, we simply aim to make an efficient, useful tool to help guide palm tree buyers. Please feel free to make a donation. Our engines are constantly in full gear as we strive to improve the quality of palm trees in your city and around the world. Simply put, we love palm trees.

Beautiful Palm Tree Poetry Submitted by One of Our Visitors:

On all plantations, another palm tree is growing.

It may need rehabilitation, if the sun is not showing.

Coming out of the shade, of my cozy tiki hut,

I think I’ll climb the grapevine for a delicious coconut.

As I view from the top, the garden becomes a coloring page.

Transforming into a beautiful beach, calming each waves’ rage.

The country, jungle and rainforest, and maybe even more,

Do not satisfy my taste for a simple thing, a palm tree beach décor.

The leaves absorb the wind, and dance with an ease.

Elegantly swaying out and in, to romance the field’s breeze.

The nursery always has room for these tropical growers.

As better times loom, for now I’ll be a sewer.

In another life, I may have been a landscaper with landscaping needs.

Here, I’m just enjoying the view, while I’m planting their seeds.

The following is a list of different palm trees: (corresponding pictures are coming soon…)

Areca—Betel palm

Bactris– Pupunha

Bismarckia-Bismark palm

Borassus-Palmyra palm, Sugar palm, Toddy palm

Calamus—Rattan palm


Copernicia-Carnauba wax palm

Corypha -Gebang palm, Buri palm or Talipot palm

Elaeis – Oil palm

Euterpe – Cabbage Heart palm, Acai palm

Hyphaene ( doum palm)

Jubaea-Chilean Wine palm, Coquito palm

Latania-Latan palm

Maurita-Moriche palm

Metroxylon-Sago palm

Phoenix-Date palm

Raphia-Raffia palm

Roystonea-Royal palm



Syagrus-Queen palm

Trachycarpus-Windmill palm, Kumaon palm

Washingotn -Fan palm

PALM TREES: Translator: -棕榈树- 棕櫚樹 -De Bomen van de palm -Arbres De Paume -Palmen -Δέντρα φοινικών -Palme -ヤシの木 -야자수 -Árvores De Palma -Пальмы -Árboles De Palma

The following are a list of cities that will be indexed in detail in our map/directory (check back soon for updates):

New York City, New York

Los Angeles, California

Chicago, Illinois

Houston, Texas

Phoenix, Arizona

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

San Antonio, Texas

San Diego, California

Dallas, Texas

San Jose, California

Detroit, Michigan

Jacksonville, Florida

Indianapolis, Indiana

San Francisco, California

Columbus, Ohio

Austin, Texas

Memphis, Tennessee

Fort Worth, Texas

Baltimore, Maryland

Charlotte, North Carolina

El Paso, Texas

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boston, Massachusetts

Seattle, Washington

Washington, District of Columbia

Denver, Colorado

Louisville, Kentucky

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nashville, Tennessee

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Portland, Oregon

Tucson, Arizona

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Atlanta, Georgia

Long Beach, California

Fresno, California

Sacramento, California

Mesa, Arizona

Kansas City, Missouri

Cleveland, Ohio

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Omaha, Nebraska

Miami, Florida

Oakland, California

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Honolulu, Hawaii

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Arlington, Texas

Wichita, Kansas

Raleigh, North Carolina

St. Louis, Missouri

Santa Ana, California

Anaheim, California

Tampa, Florida

Cincinnati, Ohio

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bakersfield, California

Aurora, Colorado

Toledo, Ohio

Riverside, California

Stockton, California

Corpus Christi, Texas

Newark, New Jersey

Anchorage, Alaska

Buffalo, New York

St. Paul, Minnesota

Lexington, Kentucky

Plano, Texas

Fort Wayne, Indiana

St. Petersburg, Florida

Glendale, Arizona

Jersey City, New Jersey

Lincoln, Nebraska

Henderson, Nevada

Chandler, Arizona

Norfolk, Virginia

Greensboro, North Carolina

Scottsdale, Arizona

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Birmingham, Alabama

Madison, Wisconsin

New Orleans, Louisiana

Chesapeake, Virginia

Orlando, Florida

Garland, Texas

Hialeah, Florida

Laredo, Texas

Chula Vista, California

Lubbock, Texas

Reno, Nevada

Akron, Ohio

Durham, North Carolina

Rochester, New York

Modesto, California

Montgomery, Alabama

Fremont, California

Shreveport, Louisiana

Arlington, Virginia

Glendale, California

San Bernardino, California

Boise, Idaho

Spokane, Washington

Yonkers, New York

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Tacoma, Washington

Irving, Texas

Huntington Beach, California

Irvine, California

Des Moines, Iowa

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Richmond, Virginia

Mobile, Alabama

Gilbert, Arizona

Augusta, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Amarillo, Texas

Oxnard, California

Little Rock, Arkansas

Moreno Valley, California

Knoxville, Tennessee

Salt Lake City, Utah

Newport News, Virginia

Jackson, Mississippi

Worcester, Massachusetts

Providence, Rhode Island

Ontario, California

Brownsville, Texas

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Aurora, Illinois

Fontana, California

Tempe, Arizona

Rockford, Illinois

Huntsville, Alabama

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Santa Clarita, California

Overland Park, Kansas

Garden Grove, California

Oceanside, California

Tallahassee, Florida

Vancouver, Washington

Dayton, Ohio

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Pomona, California

Santa Rosa, California

Grand Prairie, Texas

Salem, Oregon

Cape Coral, Florida

Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield, Missouri

Corona, California

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Paterson, New Jersey

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Eugene, Oregon

Hollywood, Florida

Salinas, California

Hampton, Virginia

Pasadena, Texas

Pasadena, California

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Kansas City, Kansas

Naperville, Illinois

Joliet, Illinois

Torrance, California

Peoria, Arizona

Lancaster, California

Syracuse, New York

Hayward, California

Lakewood, Colorado

Palmdale, California

Alexandria, Virginia

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Orange, California

Warren, Michigan

Escondido, California

Fullerton, California

Mesquite, Texas

Sunnyvale, California

Coral Springs, Florida

Fort Collins, Colorado

Elk Grove, California

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Savannah, Georgia

McAllen, Texas

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Hartford, Connecticut

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Thousand Oaks, California

New Haven, Connecticut

El Monte, California

Concord, California

Topeka, Kansas

Carrollton, Texas

Waco, Texas

Simi Valley, California

West Valley City, Utah

Columbia, South Carolina

Stamford, Connecticut

Bellevue, Washington

Flint, Michigan

Vallejo, California

Springfield, Illinois

Evansville, Indiana

Inglewood, California

Abilene, Texas

Olathe, Kansas

Lansing, Michigan

Lafayette, Louisiana

Provo, Utah

Visalia, California

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Clarksville, Tennessee

Peoria, Illinois

Cary, North Carolina

Athens, Georgia

Beaumont, Texas

Costa Mesa, California

Denton, Texas

Manchester, New Hampshire

Independence, Missouri

Downey, California

Thornton, Colorado

Gainesville, Florida

Santa Clara, California

Miramar, Florida

Charleston, South Carolina

West Covina, California

Clearwater, Florida

McKinney, Texas

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Waterbury, Connecticut

Roseville, California

Westminster, Colorado

Norwalk, California

South Bend, Indiana

Fairfield, California

Arvada, Colorado

Pompano Beach, Florida

Burbank, California

San Buenaventura, California

Pueblo, Colorado

Lowell, Massachusetts

Norman, Oklahoma

Richmond, California

Midland, Texas

Erie, Pennsylvania

Killeen, Texas

Elgin, Illinois

Berkeley, California

Portsmouth, Virginia

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Daly City, California

Antioch, California

Green Bay, Wisconsin

West Jordan, Utah

Billings, Montana

Mumbai, India

Karachi, Pakistan

Delhi, India

Istanbul, Turkey

Moscow, Russia

Seoul, South Korea

São Paulo, Brazil

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shanghai, China

Mexico City, Mexico

Jakarta, Indonesia

Tokyo, Japan

New York City, United States

Cairo, Egypt

Lagos, Nigeria

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tehran, Iran

Beijing, China

London, United Kingdom

Hong Kong

Bogotá, Colombia

Lima, Peru

Bangkok, Thailand

Lahore, Pakistan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Baghdad, Iraq

Bangalore, India

Kolkata, India

Tianjin, China

Yangon, Myanmar

Santiago, Chile

Guangzhou, China

Wuhan, China

Chennai, India

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Singapore, Singapore

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Alexandria, Egypt

Chongquing, China

Ankara, Turkey

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Shengyang, China

Hyderabad, India

Ahmedabad, India

Los Angeles, United States

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Yokohama, Japan


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